Administrative Cluster

  • Vestry

    This twelve person governing body is elected on a rotating schedule to three-year terms. Members of the Vestry must be confirmed Episcopalians and pledging members of the parish. They, along with the rector, hold legal responsibility for the affairs of the parish.  Please contact the Sr. Warden Ted Wright (229) 344-7077 and Carolyn Hatcher (229)349-1448.

  • Finance Committee

    Members are appointed to serve three-year, staggered terms.  The committee typically holds a monthly lunch meeting to monitor and review the financial condition of St. Paul’s.  The committee also reviews any capital acquisitions, makes financial recommendations, including the annual operating budget, to the Vestry.  Please contact Dave Orlowski (229) 436-1116.


  • Merry Mailers/ Office Volunteers

    These are two small but very dedicated groups of people who make possible so much of the paper work that is generated from the office of the parish administrator.  The first group comes in monthly to prepare the newsletter for mailing; the other volunteers in the office serve as receptionist and handle a variety of other chores. Debbie Godwin (229) 436-0196.