Youth Group 1st Sunday @4:30 and 3rd Wednesday @7

This is a loving group of students from around Albany who support each other and want to engage in each others lives.

  • October 17th @ 6:30 help set up for Oktoberfest

    Please contact for more information

  • October 26th Halloween Kids Carnival @ 6:30

    The Wednesday before Children’s Carnival youth are welcome to help set up for the event that evening at 7.

    • I will be here throughout the afternoon if this time does not work for you, if I hear back from people before this date and you want to help!

  • October 18th @ 6:30 Rockmont Talk

    A lesson taught by a lifelong young adult here about working at a Christian church camp for three summers and how this influenced him towards a more Episcopalian lifestyle.

    This is an all boys camp ages 6-17 and takes them through a all boys experience in the deep woods of who God is over a 2 week period and how he can work in your life at such a young age.

    Click here for more information

  • November 5th @ 4:30 Taco Night

    We will be discussing the Hispanic worship services and the way the Episcopal Church is in the Hispanic culture. A taco eating contest will be tested. We will be debating on ordering Taco Bell or making our own. Let us know what you would rather have ahead of time.

  • November 15th @ 7 Young Life Night

    Gracie Swan a local teenager from this home church and whoever else she invites will be presenting Young Life to our young people. For them to hear about the opportunities that Young Life provides. What is involved emotionally and studied in this atmosphere from a student’s point of view?

  • December 3rd after church/ afternoon activity 2-6pm

    This outreach event for another church is in the works. More information to follow...

  • December 7th Plum pudding

    This is an outreach event and more information is to come...

  • December 17th Caroling at Mandy and Lawson Swans

    More information is to come...